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Download 6.83 AI Map for DotA 1 - Learn from the Pros and Improve Your Game

The actual version Defense of the Ancients (Allstars) v6.83d Ai has been synchronized with the stable version Dota 6.83d. Item prices are now the same and the bots really use the new items now. Another feature of Dota 6.83d Ai is the improved bot behaviour, now they last hit and deny better!

Dota 6.83d is a PMV version, this stands for personal modified version, but it became popular because the old map creators of the Dota ai maps retired and someone has to do their work. ?

download 6.83 ai map

Download File:

DotA 6.83d AI Map Download. Finally, the DotA community get a new update for the DotA AI map. This AI map is available for the latest official DotA map, which is the DotA 6.83d.

Dota 6.84 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.84 Download News and Update. The DotA 6.83c finally appears on the DotA 1, that means now IceFrog and Valve can concentrate planning the changes for the DotA 6.84. And as usual, DotA Blog won't let you wait if there's any news about DotA 6.84. Stay tune on this update page for any slightest hint of the DotA 6.84!

DotA 6.83d Download - Official Dota 6.83d Map. IceFrog is quietly released DotA 6.83d yesterday. There's no official changelogs at the moment, but most likely this version will fix some exploits with Zet in the previous version.

It seems the massive changes on the DotA 6.83c left at least one bug which quite game breaking. The bug is related with Zet the Arc Warden's ultimate (Tempest Double), which is not the first time happens. This time, the bug will let you have a free Butterfly!

DotA 6.83c Download - Official Dota 6.83c Map. Finally! After several months, IceFrog released another update for the DotA 1, the DotA 6.83c. This map goes straight from the DotA 6.81d into DotA 6.83c. Between them actually there are some patches which is released to the DotA 2, that's why this map contains a lot of changes from both DotA 6.82 and also DotA 6.83. The most notable one is the addition of the Bounty rune and the new Roshan's location. Can't wait to try it? Check out the download link below!

Dota map download - DotA 6.78c AI v1.4eGood news for everyone! DotA AI Team has continued the map development and recently released DotA 6.78c AI v1.4e codenamed 'Farewell'. This version comes with basic AI for Oracle and Earth Spirit including improved...


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