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Buy White Rodgers Thermostat

White-Rodgers toll-free at (888) 624-1901 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or online at and click on "White-Rodgers 1F8x-04xx Thermostat Recall" at the lower left corner of the homepage for more information.

buy white rodgers thermostat

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This recall involves four models of White-Rodgers digital thermostats. The thermostats are white with blue lighted screens and have one of the following names printed on the front of them: "COMFORTSENTRY," "DICO," "Emerson," "Frigidaire," "Maytag," "Nutone," "Partners Choice," "Rheem," "Ruud," "Unico," "Water Furnace," "Westinghouse," "White-Rodgers" or "Zonefirst." The thermostats have a battery door on the top left corner. There are three or four buttons to the right and also below the thermostat screen. Recalled thermostats do not show a battery icon on the left side of the blue lighted screen.

Consumers should check thermostats for battery icon on the left side of the blue lighted screen, if the battery icon is not shown, contact White-Rodgers to receive a free repair or a replacement thermostat.

Thermostat guard with keyed lock protects thermostat from unwanted tampering. Clear plastic cover allows for easy viewing. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Includes mounting plate, hardware and key. 1 year warranty.

White-Rodgers is a name that has long been associated with high quality precision thermostats. If you're looking for top of the line thermostats for any purpose, whether residential, industrial, or commercial, in conjunction with your HVAC system, there's no need to look any further than White-Rodgers. They make sure that every thermostat they produce is capable of dependably giving you the most accurate measure of heat possible. Whether you're looking for something with easy to use controls, a quick way to measure the performance of your chiller, or simply to keep an eye on the temperature of your pump, air handler, motors, etc, White-Rodgers has the perfect thermostat for you.

Their designs literally have generations of experience backing them, as the company was founded in 1937 and has been producing quality thermostats almost from day one. They're well known for producing some of the easiest to use, and install, thermostats at an amazing level of quality. There simply isn't another company that produces thermostats with such an amazing combination of performance and ease of use. Because of this, White Rodgers is the preferred company of almost every contractor you're likely to ever know. That's why you'll find their thermostats in almost every kind of building, from smaller buildings such as hospitals, hotels and schools to large complexes like nursing homes and office buildings.

With a full line of thermostats manufactured to their high standards of quality, it's easy to understand why Emerson Climate Technology chose to buy them and help them produce all of the amazing products they're so known for. Even if you're just looking for spares in case your current thermostats have a problem of some kind, White-Rodgers is bound to have exactly what it is you need to keep your system going at peak efficiency.

Thermostats aren't all that White-Rodgers makes, of course. We have a wealth of information on all of their different products, as well as a full catalog of products you can search through and choose from. If you have any questions about any White-Rodgers products, feel free to drop us a line any time. Alternatively, feel free to browse through our extensive catalog and see just how many different thermostats White-Rodgers has to offer. No matter what you need a thermostat for, or what kind of temperatures you need it to measure, it's practically guaranteed that you'll find something that perfectly fits your needs.

The affected units have Emerson printed on the front. The thermostats are white with an LCD screen and there are three buttons below the thermostat. Up and down arrow and menu buttons are located to the right of the screen.

A product label containing the model number and date code information is located on the back of the thermostat. Recalled thermostats have model numbers 1F86U-42WF or UP500W, and a date code from 1416 to 1536 indicated on the back. The date code represents the manufacture date from the 16th week of 2014 through the 36th week of 2015.

As of November 30th, 2018, the company has received no reports of property or product damage in Canada, and no reports of injuries. In the United States, the company has received 8 reports of burn damage to the thermostat, involving minor property damage. No injuries have been reported.

Emerson 80 Series thermostats offer a footprint that fits the install, features that fit the homeowner and support that fits your business. With a large, backlit display, easy to use design, flexible programming and dependable performance, 80 Series thermostats are the perfect fit for every application.

The ability to connect your home's thermostat to a Wi-Fi connection means you can control your smart thermostat from anywhere, even if you aren't at home. This not only allows you to schedule the right temperature for your environment but also helps you save costs on your energy bill. It's the perfect way to start building a smart home as many smart thermostats offer integration with other products like locks, cameras, and more.

In fact, some of the best smart thermostats like the Google Nest Thermostat have no requirement for the C wire as they contain rechargeable batteries or other technology that removes the need for one. Here's a look at some of the best.

Google's Nest Thermostat is a simple smart thermostat that uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This bypasses the need for the C wire, offering an always-on display that details the current temperature setting.

Google's Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the most popular smart thermostats, and for good reason. It's a fully programmable thermostat that boasts voice controls, compatible with Alexa, and comes in a range of designs.

A word of caution, however, is that some users may experience issues with their HVAC systems due to the smart thermostat taking power from the furnace control circuits to charge up the internal battery.

The Mysa Smart Thermostat stands out due to its mid-range price and its stylish design. This line voltage thermostat has been designed to work with line voltage heating systems like baseboard heaters, fan-forced heaters, and convectors.

Built-in, there are humidity and temperature sensors; when connected to a smart hub, it can sense the outside temperature and adjust your heating accordingly. There are also scheduling functions, routines the thermostat can learn, and geofencing.

Compatible with room sensors that detect the temperature of each room, this smart thermostat can respond automatically to your schedule. You will be able to see each room's temperature and humidity, which you can see in the mobile app.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I keep reading that the C-wire provides power for the thermostat but my electrical background knows common as ground (I know, big discussion of ground vs common). This explanation validates why my C-wire is connected to the grounded side of the 24 volt transformer. Thanks for the explanation.

I need the C wire for a thermostat that communicates with a wireless router. My old oil furnace and thermostat only have two wires between them, R and W. Since there is no existing transformer, I will need to rig one up (probably in a j box near the thermostat, spliced off a nearby outlet or something) So one of the 24v wires will go to the C terminal on the thermostat, but then the other to which terminal? R? Thx.

Your Rh and W terminals control your heat. The C and Rc terminals are what powers the thermostat. The remaining terminals should (I am not an a/c technician so I am using deductive reasoning here) control the a/c. I would start by removing the Rh and W wires and see if the a/c works. Be sure all remaining connections are tight. As long as you connected the correct wires to the corresponding terminals it should work. Is there a heat / cool switch option on the thermostat that you are forgetting to switch over for the a/c to turn on?

Bill lee is incorrect. Rh stands for Red-Heat and Rc stands for Red-Cool. If you only have a single red wire the jumper between Rh and Rc are required for some heating and cooling hybrid systems depending on your thermostat.

Hello guys. Great info here. I have a question, I want to install the ecobee4 and I have just 2 cables from my old mercury thermostat. For what I understand, please correct me if wrong,Rh has 24V and close the circuit with the W correct? Then the thermostat act like a dimmer?Then C will power my thermostat with 24v too, correct?Then, can I jump or Feed my C connector from my Rh cable?Is this possible?ThanksMarcelo

Small clarification. The power coming into your house has two phases and a neutral. From phase A to phase B is 240 vac. This is used to power your electric oven, electric dryer, etc. Phase A to neutral is 120 vac. Phase B to neutral is 120 vac. His caution is if the circuit at the boiler is A/neutral and the thermostat is B/neutral, it can cause problems. (What he calls Factory Smoke is normally referred to as Blue Smoke in these parts. If you fry a circuit, the blue smoke escapes.)

No! In a typical four-wire system the 24vac is supplied by the R wire. Inside the thermostat are three switches/relays. If the thermostat says heat is required, it allows the 24vac to go back on the W wire. If cooling is needed, 24vac is sent back on the Y wire. If the fan should be running, 24vac is sent back on the G wire. If no heat, cooling, or fan are required, there is no power flowing through the thermostat. If you have a five-wire cable, the C wire (of whatever color) is a usually a common that allows 24vac to be flowing (therefore used) by most smart thermostats.

Sorry about the slow response, sounds like you have a simple heating thermostat with a fan function,for ease of future conversations use the marked letter designations rather then colors as not everyone uses standard colors.i am assuming its a mechanical stat not electronic but both can work similar in operation.the R terminal on the thermostat usually connects to a red wire from the furnace which is the 24 volt power wire from the furnace transformer marked R on the furnace board.the W terminal (often the white wire) will be the thermostats output for a heating call to the furnace sending the 24 volt power back to the furnace to its W terminal. this allows a automatic control of the furnace to turn the fan on when the heat exchanger is warm enough.the third terminal should be G (often the green wire) which is the Fan output from the thermostat and connects to the G terminal of the furnace to control the fan directly and bypass the furnace automatic fan is very rare to find a three wire thermostat with a C or common connection so i feel confident enough that you have a simple heat only thermostat with fan function. 041b061a72


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