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Hoodlum (also known as HLM) mainly focused on cracking games which utilized digital rights management solutions offered by Safedisc and Securom. They were targeted as part of the Operation Site Down raids in 2005.[16][17] In July 2018, some group using the HOODLUM name resumed releasing unauthorized copies of games.[18]

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Fishing is a learned behavior for the bald eagle, and so juvenile eagles spend their first year eating carrion (carcasses) until they become proficient at fishing (Dooley et al. 2005). Prey remains from bald eagle nests on Santa Catalina Island contained almost 90% fish (Newsome etal. 2010), but an historic bald eagle nest on San Miguel contained more bird remains than fish (Collins et al. 2005). The abundance of seabirds and pinnipeds on the northern Channel Islands means eagles likely take advantage of those resources more than in other areas. This could pose a problem for recovery of bald eagles on the northern Channel Islands (see below), because pinnipeds and seabirds contain more DDE than do marine fish, due to bioaccumulation at higher trophic levels.


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