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Calculus Stewart 7th Edition.pdf

Important:Since the homework will be online with WebAssign you should feel freeto use an older version of Stewart, or even a different calculus bookif you prefer, they are all very much alike. Just make sure the book isdesigned for scientists and engineers, not one of the "appliedcalculus" books. Be aware your Math 142 instructor may not be soflexible, and the Stewart text is used for both courses.

Calculus Stewart 7th Edition.pdf

There is a lot of help available. If you run into trouble at anypoint in the semester, the most impotant thing is not to wait: get help immediately. Often students waituntil near the end of the semester to seek help, but at that time it isusually to late to fix the problem. Please come to see me in myregular office hours, make anappointment, talk to me after class, goto graduate student tutors (if available), etc. whenyou first start having difficulty in the course. If you areconfused by something during lecture, please interrupt me and ask forclarification. The path to success in calculus (any math course) is:


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