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Trunks, having never met his father, nor grown up under his influence, combined with the fact that he grew up in an apocalyptic world, is very cautious, broody, and serious (such as when he begged Vegeta not to challenge the Androids without Goku being present[12] or when he did not want Vegeta to trust Paragus),[1] unlike his main timeline counterpart, who had a personality very similar to his father's.[13] Due to living in such harsh times and trying to find any means necessary to destroy the androids, Trunks lacks the arrogance and pride of Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta and uses methods unbecoming of a traditional Saiyan warrior. Examples include suggesting that Goku eat a Senzu Bean during his fight against Perfect Cell, attempting to destroy present Androids 17 and 18 before they could be activated, tries to attack Cell while transforming and kills Babidi and Dabura without allowing them to free Majin Buu from the seal. This contrasts his present-day counterpart, who arrogantly stated he intended to fight Goten with one hand on one occasion. Owing to his desire to defeat the Androids by any means necessary, he also was willing to delay an action should it allow him to unearth a means to destroy the androids for good. This is best demonstrated when he and Krillin arrived at Gero's underground lab area: Krillin was opting to immediately destroy the lab, only for Future Trunks to tell Krillin to not do so yet due to wanting to investigate the lab to see if there were any blueprints of the androids that could point to a weakness. Future Trunks clearly fears the Androids, panicking at the introduction of Android 16. He also appears to be afflicted with a degree of post-traumatic stress as a result of the struggles he faced in his apocalyptic nightmarish world.[14] Nevertheless, Future Trunks is depicted as incredibly respectful to everyone, especially his mother Future Bulma and his master Future Gohan. When he finally meets Vegeta in the past, Future Trunks is seen to be constantly trying to impress him. This is often mixed with disgust and horror towards his father's uncaring attitude towards others, especially when Vegeta refused to save Bulma and baby Trunks when Dr. Gero blows up their capsule airplane, forcing Future Trunks to save his present counterpart and mother. Due to this disposition, he refers to Vegeta and Bulma as "Father" and "Mother" respectively, as opposed to "Papa" and "Mama" which his counterpart usually calls them in the Japanese version. In the English dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Super, he now often refers to both his parents as "Mom" and "Dad" like his counterpart does.

ep62 - respect me or i am gone.mp4

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, during the 1st half of the GT Saga, Future Trunks, while watching events unfold from the Time Nest, is horrified by the Future Warrior having to face his Tuffle parasite Infected counterpart. He also shows disgust towards the Infected Trunks' underhanded tactics such as pretending to have returned to normal to fool Pan and the Future Warrior, though Future Trunks is able to see through his infected counterpart's lie and warns the Warrior foiling his infected counterpart's plan. However, during the games' Super 17 Saga, Trunks gains Future Trunks' respect after he witnesses his counterpart's willingness to confront the Neo Ginyu Force in place of his father and even cheers on his counterpart. Future Trunks and Trunks (Kid & GT) never actually interact during the game's story, though they have special dialog between them should they encounter each other in battle or in Parallel Quests. If Future Trunks and GT Trunks fight, GT Trunks is confused by the appearance of his alternate future self-causing Future Trunks to reveal he is a Trunks from a different future.

After the Future Warrior, Great Ape Bardock, and Vegeta manage to defeat Broly on Earth after being transported there by Dende's wish to Porunga, Trunks arrives and knocks out Vegeta with a Pressure Point Attack to keep his father from asking too many questions. He tells the Warrior he will deal with returning Bardock and Broly to their proper timelines. During the conflict in the GT Timeline, Trunks witnesses his counterpart being infected by Baby's Tuffle parasites and is disgusted by his infected counterpart's attempts to trick Pan and the Warrior. However he later comes to respect his counterpart when he confronts the Nappa and the Neo Ginyu Force in place of his father and even shows concern for him when he is blasted away by Hell Fighter 17. After Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and the Future Warrior manage to defeat the three main GT villains, Trunks arrives to return the villains to their proper places in history and briefly reunites with Vegeta who reveals he is pleased to see that his son from the other future is doing well.

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