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Cymatics Behemoth 808 Collection [WAV]

We had our production team listen to and analyze 808s used in tracks from some of the top hip hop producers in the game.They identified the key characteristics that make an 808 hit hard and loud so that you can have the perfect collection of 808s to work with.Our Oracle pack contains 34 free 808 samples and much more!

Cymatics Behemoth 808 Collection [WAV]

Do you need the ultimate collection of 808 samples so that you will never have to waste time downloading another one again? With this 808 bundle you will get over 200+ various 808s in all forms and lengths.

During this time a very talented research scientist called Hal Alles was working on means to implement echo-cancellation in digital telephone systems. This led to the development of an advanced high speed digital oscillator system. On experimenting with the concept it became apparent that it might have some merit as the basis of an advanced music synthesizer using real time digital control techniques. Incredibly, Hal was permitted to setup a side project with funding to explore this notion and after very much toil and expense the Bell Labs Synthesizer or Alles Machine was born. This 300lb behemoth was nicknamed The Blue Monster or Alice for short. 041b061a72


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