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Melody Bell Blackburn Brothers 01 Lost In Y...

Charlotte DiLaurentis (see "Chalison") - While under the alias of CeCe Drake, Charlotte dated Alison's brother, Jason. She began to hang out around Alison, and their similar traits were clear to everyone around them. They eventually became very close friends. Charlotte taught Alison how to be wicked and helped her stay in control of her fellow students. Alison told CeCe secrets about her circle of friends. Charlotte and Alison had a sisterly relationship while Alison was in high school. The games they would play caused Jessica to dislike Charlotte's influence on Alison. Jessica even called their friendship is "toxic" and even feared them together. According to Jessica, they would pretend to be one another, even going as far as Charlotte dressing up as Alison and going to Radley to scare Jessica. Despite there bond, Charlotte held a grudge against Alison for getting her kicked out of college. Charlotte even killed Darren Wilden to protect Alison. "CeCe Drake" eventually revealed her true identity as Charlotte DiLaurentis (born Charles DiLaurentis), the long-lost sister of Jessica and Alison. She was the leader of the A-Team and the one who was after the Liars and Alison the whole time. Charlotte only made herself known to The Liars as "CeCe Drake" so that she could watch over them and be 'A'. She wanted to punish them for wanting her sister gone. Alison's relationship with her sister was one that took time, since Charlotte was the one who tortured her friends. Charlotte explained everything to Alison and The Liars. She was admitted to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital in an attempt to undo the trauma and darkness from her past. Alison and Jason stayed behind to take care of her and to make sure that Charlotte received the care she needed. When Charlotte was discharged from Welby, she was murdered at the bell tower. Alison later found out that Charlotte was her biological cousin and adopted sister, which Charlotte knew, and had lied to her their whole relationship.

Melody Bell Blackburn Brothers 01 Lost In Y...



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