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Machinarium Soundtrack Art Book Free Download [Ativador]

Oooohhhhhh yes!I've been waiting for Machinarium's release and now that I've paid the $21.13 AUD for it I intend to work this game out without the walkthrough (but thanks to those who've made the effort to post them). I intend to savour the graphics and scenery with the music and enjoy the puzzling. Amanita Design have without exception created stunning games. And I have to say, to be able to download the soundtrack of the game as a bonus when you download the full version is joy.Pure bliss!

Machinarium Soundtrack Art Book Free Download [Ativador]

@ spanpris:$20 does seem a lot to pay but you get a lot of game for your money; about 30 more levels after the demo. Plus you get to download the game in Windows, Mac and Linux formats, as well as the soundtrack for the game. I reckon it's $20 well worth spent.

Also, if anyone knows of a good way to convert .001 files to .mp3 files, that'd be great. I can't open it to 'Save As' with a new file extension and I have no idea what sort of file converter I should download. Mind you, if Amanita were to sell the soundtrack (including the band's music) on iTunes, I'd be more than happy to give them some extra support.

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