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Where To Buy Fireplace Mantels EXCLUSIVE

Fireplace mantels can be made as a single piece that mounts directly above your fireplace. They can also fully enclose the perimeter of your fireplace as a complete surround. Lucky for you, we have many fireplace mantels for sale including fireplace mantel kits. You can buy mantels in every color from gray, white and black to dark cherry, honey oak and fruitwood. Most mantels are made from pine or birch woods while you can find a few made out of concrete or different types of fiberboard. If you are interested in more information for finding a mantel that suits your needs and style, see our Fireplace Mantels Buyers Guide.

where to buy fireplace mantels

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Our Premium Collection includes a selection of our finest designs with exquisitely detailed wood trim moldings. In addition, all of our Premium Collection mantels feature our unique and exclusive Prestige French Cleat wall mounting system for the easiest installation possible. Next, we have nearly twenty traditional, classic and contemporary fireplace mantel styles in our popular American Collection. Last, but not least, our Builder Collection features beautiful mantels with aesthetic designer styling at affordable and economical prices.

Wooden fireplace mantels can add a wonderful aesthetic quality to any home, and they can easily become the centerpiece of any room. There is a huge amount of variety in the styles and designs of wooden fireplace mantels that are available today. For example, fireplace mantels are sold in many different shapes and sizes. They can also come in an endless variety of styles and can be made from many different species of wood. At St. Charles Hardwoods, we sell a limitless variety of fireplace mantels including many hand carved styles and custom designs.

St. Charles Hardwoods began in 1988 as a small lumber supply company consisting of just two members. Over the last several decades, we have grown to become one of the leading home renovation and lumber supply companies in the St. Louis area. We now supply a huge selection of custom fireplace mantels as well as many types of hand carved appliqués, corbels, and other wood pieces.

Wood fireplace mantels can be made in many different styles and types to suit nearly any taste. When selecting the best fireplace mantel, it is important to choose a type of fireplace mantel that compliments the décor and aesthetics of your home. St. Charles Hardwoods uses top of the line equipment to make its fireplace mantels. We can create custom fireplace mantels using nearly any type of wood, and our team of professionals is able to fully customize mantels to your exact specifications and tastes. This includes incorporating many hand carved elements and features.

Fireplace mantels come in multiple styles, and the style is determined by the type of wood and the design elements included. The style of mantel you select should be consistent with the general décor of your home. For example, for a more modern or contemporary style home, it is likely that you would style your mantel with straight and simple, well-defined lines. On the other hand, for a more elegant look, you would want to include more intricate classical or Victorian wood molding techniques.

If you are looking for fireplace mantels of any custom style or design, we welcome you contact us with your requirements or preferences. As a local lumber mill and hardwoods supplier in St. Louis, we can create customized mantels that cater exactly to the décor of your home. We are also able to include a variety of hand carved ornamental features like molding, overlays, brackets, appliqués, etc. that serve to highlight the charm of our fireplace mantels.

Our mantels are made using the best possible hardwoods available in the market today. We can make mantels from nearly any species. When you choose us, you can rest assured that qualified woodwork professionals supervise and tend to the creation of all of our fireplace mantels ensuring immense quality and craftsmanship. We can integrate multiple decorative or ornamental features into your fireplace mantel and will help you create the custom fireplace of your dreams.

Over the years, we have been recognized for our passion to deliver utmost satisfaction for our customers all over North America. Our premier quality mantels are hand crafted by true artisans using a hundred-year old technique inspired by ancient European decor.

Whether you wish to design or create a "one-of-kind" fireplace mantel, or perhaps customize one of our classic line of designer mantels and overmantels, let our experts help you build the fireplace of your dreams. Your imagination is our only limit. Share your vision with us and we will make it possible for you.

Believe it or not, fireplace mantles have something magical about them. While renovating your living room or building a new one, you must browse through stone fireplace mantel ideas as they create a cozy vibe and can become the main focal point of your space. A classic mantel is also a great yet simple way to make a significant change in any space.

With people experimenting with construction materials, there is a huge demand for stone fireplaces, stone fireplace marble and marble fireplace surrounds. From cast limestone to stacked marble, natural materials have evoked a sense of grandeur in homes. Whether you are looking to elevate your farmhouse decor or hoping to create a more modern, minimalist look, here are some of the most gorgeous marble and stone fireplace mantels you can invest right in.

A: Stone and granite both are considered best for fireplace mantel and fireplace surround. They are durable and look extremely stylish in any interior space. They both are the best choice to add rustic and modish charm to any interior.

Create a conversation with our wood beams for fireplace mantels. Choose either a hand hewn beam mantel, rough sawn beam mantel, or resawn beam mantel. Choosing a rustic wood beam mantel adds charm to any room.

The Mantel Collection is a division of the Vintage Wood Floor Company and offers a curated selection of the most unique reclaimed barnwood fireplace mantels. Local pickup or ship domestically. WE OPERATE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call us if you don't see your ideal reclaimed wood mantel here, we have 30,000sf of inventory we can pull from.

Why buy a pre-fabricated fireplace mantel, when you can have a custom mantel for the same price? Choose from one of our unique designs to enhance the beauty of your fireplace. Or maybe you've seen the perfect mantel on a website or in a magazine. Let us build it for you! Our goal is to build a mantel design of your choice to the correct proportions for your fireplace.

The rough cut fireplace mantels are created from the reclaimed building materials of old wooden structures, typically barns. These old barns were historically created using whatever wood species was nearby, so the type of dimensional lumber may vary. Wood types could include douglas fir, oak, yellow pine, and more. Reclaimed wood products also have characteristics such as fastener holes, nail holes, natural checking and notches.

Mount Vernon Mantels brings decades of experience to the design and manufacture of custom wood fireplace mantels. Our team of experts will create a magnificent mantelpiece or fireplace mantel shelf for your home, built to your exact specifications. We can handle large orders. Check out our product catalog by clicking the "View Product Catalog" button above, or read on for more about what we can do for you.

Manufacturing the right fireplace mantel or mantel shelf is only half the story - your mantel needs to reach you quickly, on time, and in perfect condition. Mount Vernon Mantels has the edge here, too - we are now owned by Hamilton Parker Co., a large distributor located in Columbus, Ohio with decades of experience in the distribution of home products. This means we strive to have your order correct and on time.

We are located in Gaylord, Minnesota which is about 50 miles southwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, we ship everywhere across the nation including but not limited to: California (CA), New York (NY), Texas (TX), Pennsylvania (PA), and Florida (FL). We can ship all of our products at very reasonable rates.

My custom fireplace mantels give the appearance of a heavy, solid beam but are finely crafted, hollow boxes. This allows for installation on just about any type of wall - even if you do not have existing supports for a mantel. It can even be cut to fit over a tiered stone or brick mantel.

I also provide installation for my mantels. Most have to be scribed to the wall for a good fit (sometimes even drywall). I try to keep transitions around 1/16"-1/8" for most surfaces, but stone will have a little more variation. Once installed, my mantels are extremely sturdy and will easily support 100+ pounds of weight. If you are doing a remodel, my mantels are typically installed at the end but I may need stud measurements if it is going over tile or a thin stone veneer.

Custom Mantel Pricing Knotty Alder mantels range $600-$1000, for standard sizes (72" or less) while mantels made from other wood species, unique sizes and shapes, or corbels can run $800-$1500. Installations generally range $250-$450, depending on the wall material. I provide an in-home consultation for measuring, sample viewing, color selection and a quote. No deposit or payment is needed until you see the final product - if you don't love it, you don't have to buy it!

Funda-Mantels is a fireplace mantel manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the fireplace and woodworking industry. Funda-Mantels has the capability and knowledge to bring all of your fireplace mantel design ideas to life, and will expertly attend to all of your individual needs. We pride ourselves in our workmanship as well as our customers' satisfaction. We employ skilled craftsmen and use the finest materials, so you can be proud to say your mantelpiece is Made in the USA! 041b061a72


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