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Blood Shed Episode 1

Poitras and Goldin's Oscar-nominated documentary, All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, chronicles Goldin's work as a photographer, as well as her work as an activist. In the years since Goldin founded P.A.I.N., the group's protests have been a major factor in getting institutions like the Met, the Guggenheim and the Louvre to remove the Sackler name. The Sackler name, as of this interview, remains on two of the nine galleries at the Met.

Blood Shed Episode 1

The episode cuts to one year later, during the first week of Neptune's spring break. Veronica passes a sign that says "Daniel Maloof for U.S. Senate", indicating that he's running again after all. Spring break in Neptune is officially dead, no college students come to town anymore to party.

Logan's therapist gives Veronica a voicemail that he left before he died, explaining to the therapist why he wanted to marry Veronica. It was because she was the strongest person he ever met and he respected her so much. The episode ends with Veronica tearing up and driving up the coast, out of Neptune.

"The result of last week must convince you of the hopelessness of further resistance on the part of the Army of Northern Virginia in this struggle," Grant wrote. "I feel that it is so, and regard it as my duty to shift from myself any further effusion of blood, by asking of you the surrender of that portion of the C.S. Army known as the Army of Northern Virginia."

Soon after entering the village, the two Confederates happened upon a homeowner, Wilmer McLean, who showed them an unfurnished and somewhat run-down house. After being told that would not do for such an important occasion, he offered his own house for the surrender meeting. After seeing the house, they accepted and sent a message back to Lee.

But Johnston was being pursued by the forces commanded by Union Gen. William T. Sherman. After Sherman's successful "March to the Sea," in which his army marched from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia, in the fall and winter of 1864, he steadily pushed Johnston's Confederate army further north through the Carolinas.

Sherman marched through South Carolina, capturing the state capital, Columbia, in February. Union forces reached Fayetteville, North Carolina, on March 11 and began a push toward Goldsboro. Sherman's forces clashed with Johnston's army at Averasboro on March 16 and again at Bentonville in a multiday battle that ended on March 21.

Federal courts would be reestablished in southern states, and the people would have their political rights and franchises guaranteed, including their rights of person and property. The war would cease, and a general amnesty would be provided.

Jason is joined by Laura Poitras who took home the top prize at Venice for her film All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, which explores the career of the phenomenally talented artist and photographer Nan Goldin. We meet the makers of Meet Me in the Bathroom, a film the looks at the New York music scene at the turn of the millennium and asks the question.....will New York ever be the cradle of era defining new bands again? Plus, curator Maria Tran talks about martial arts classic The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, screening as part of the AGNSW's Badlands program.

Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras, All the Beauty and the Bloodshed is an epic, emotional and interconnected story about internationally renowned artist and activist Nan Goldin told through her slideshows, intimate interviews, ground-breaking photography, and rare footage of her personal fight to hold the Sackler family accountable for the overdose crisis.

The Saga of the People of Vopnafjord (Ep. 22): While there were several good candidates to choose from, John and Andy were tickled by the idea of the lacuna doing violence to the text itself. Though a highly unorthodox choice, the lacuna was awarded best bloodshed.

Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok and his Sons (Ep. 7): No official judgments, but plenty of great bloodshed here. If we had to pick, we might go with the blood-eagle. It inspired Saga Briefs, so it has to be good.

For parents: This Littlest Pet Shop series is not recommended for kids under the age of 12 years old. As the title states, Bloodshed will contain blood (fake, of course), gore, violence, and death. It will only get darker as the series continues. Although these videos are made with Littlest Pet Shop toys, they are NOT recommended for a young audience. Please take caution when letting your child watch this series. Thank you.

Cocheta has lost another round against Etu after attacking his young pup, Rozene. He and Mahala finally realize who exactly this wolf is and what she wants from them. Rozene and Angeni are punished for entering another territory by mistake. They don't have much of a relationship with their father, and are in fact slightly afraid of him. They obey and stay in their den for the rest of the day while Etu and Mahala enjoy some free time to themselves.

Another season passes (in real time, 3 months) and the royal pups get their paw cut for blood sacrifice. Later that night, both the pups encounter Cocheta once again. This time, they are wiser about their decision to talk to her. Pallaton rescues both of them, only to fall to Cocheta's evil nature. Angeni and Rozene decide it's probably best to get help from their mother. But knowing that it's a risk, as he is from the foil pack, should they really attempt at getting Mahala's help? It is also almost certain that feelings change in between Pallaton and Rozene as they start to bond more and more.

The big development this episode is that after brainwashing Quincannon in front of the whole town, Jesse starts doling out magic commands left and right in what he thinks is an effort to improve the lives of his flock, but is much more obviously an attempt to stroke his own ego. It makes sense on a character level, since Jesse thinks he now speaks with the word of God, but the story is still pat and obvious, and is made even worse by cornball moments like having fresh-faced millennials ask Jesse to settle a bet about which Gospel is the best. 041b061a72


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