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Performance Appraisals Phrases For Dummies

Performance appraisals play a remarkably wide range of roles. Instead of being an isolated annual event, appraisals are but one component in the overall process of performance management. Within this framework, a state-of-the-art performance appraisal system generates a vast array of positive and productive outcomes.

Performance appraisals phrases for dummies

The chapters in this part show you how appraisals motivate your employees, build their self-insights, and set the groundwork for training and developmental programs, all the while enhancing individual and departmental performance.

Your written comments in the performance appraisal process offer an excellent opportunity to present compelling, long-lasting, and motivational feedback to your employees. In order to do so, the phrases you use must be specifically designed to energize your employees to continue and even surpass their excellent performance, while simultaneously helping them to understand and upgrade their questionable performance.

The best way to reach this objective is to identify the key areas of performance and then provide powerful phrases that target the full range of employee behaviors. With this in mind, Chapters 9 through 17 provide more than 3,200 such phrases.

In this chapter, I explore the rationale behind performance appraisals. I also give you steps you can take to easily, seamlessly, and effectively incorporate performance appraisals into your managerial style.

Motivation is the process that energizes employees and propels them to pursue their goals. Well-designed and well-executed performance appraisals have a strong motivational impact. Appraisals have the power to motivate employees because they provide a number of interconnected benefits:

They meet higher-level psychological needs. Researchers continue to find that recognition is one of the most powerful forms of motivation for large numbers of employees. Although you can find numerous possible sources of recognition on the job, performance appraisals are an opportunity for employees to receive formal, significant, and enduring recognition from their manager. This prospect is particularly energizing for that large percentage of employees who have strong needs in this area.

In order for anyone to learn, he needs to receive feedback on his performance. Performance appraisal is an outstanding educational tool because the entire process is based on providing feedback. Employees learn a great deal about themselves through performance appraisal, whether the appraisals take the form of self-evaluations or evaluations from their managers, peers, and others in the workplace. (For more information on the types of appraisals, turn to Chapter 3.)

The same principle applies to performance appraisals. The feedback you provide to your employees essentially holds up one mirror that gives them a look at themselves, while feedback from others in the workplace holds up many mirrors from entirely different perspectives. With all this additional data, there are great opportunities for additional self-awareness and growth.

These performance review examples are meant to inspire managers who are struggling to find the right words and phrases to describe behavior. But note that these examples are just a jumping-off point; they are generic phrases that managers should modify to reflect individual employees and their performance, and expand upon with specific examples.

Finding the words and phrases to accurately describe employee performance can be tough. Especially during this time marred by tremendous uncertainty, upheaval, and change, selecting the right verbiage is even more crucial than ever.

Professionalism is an area that covers a broad range of behaviors and attitudes but also extends to issues such as the way a person dresses and their personal hygiene and tidiness. Examples of performance review phrases that you can draw on to determine the overall professionalism of an employee are given below:

Employing people with strong problem-solving skills gives companies a means to continually create new, more relevant ways to deliver value. But be mindful that not every employee is a natural problem-solver. It requires a blend of proactivity, creativity, and self-confidence. Consider these performance review phrases when evaluating the problem-solving skills:

Although there are many companies that give employees flexible time, attendance and punctuality are essential to creating a high-performance workplace. You should expect people to arrive at work on time or attend their meetings. Use these phrases to guide your discussion with employees regarding their level of timekeeping, attendance, and punctuality:

Performance reviews can be difficult for everyone, manager and employee alike. But you can avoid that stress by structuring your performance reviews to inspire greatness instead of dread. One of the best ways to do that is to use performance appraisal phrases.

Summary. Performance reviews are a great opportunity to give an employee feedback on their poor performance to help them improve, or to give them recognition for a job well done. Common performance review skill categories that are reviewed include productivity, work quality, and attendance. The right phrases said in a performance review goes a long way to motive an employee to continue their good performance, or improve on weaknesses.

Overall, common performance review phrases might seem like a cookie-cutter approach to performance conversations. However, knowing what to say and how best to phrase your feedback can make a significant difference in how your employees react in the moment and in their future performance.

75% of employers rate teamwork as being extremely important in the workplace, particularly as research shows that strong workplace communities have the power to reduce employee turnover and improve internal communication. With that in mind, performance review phrases for teamwork are important to note, but as mentioned earlier, you have to be wary of comparing your employee to their coworkers.

Use these practical examples of teamwork self-appraisal phrases, sample comments, and templates for your performance review, 360 feedback survey, or manager appraisal. The following examples relate don't just relate to teamwork. Use them for relationship-building, peer relationships, motivation, building enthusiasm, and employee engagement.

The book 2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews by Paul Falcone provides an even more expansive list. It inspired some of our choices for this list of performance review phrases. We also recommend Perfect Phrases for Documenting Employee Performance Problems by Anne Bruce.

You now have a good understanding of what types of phrases to use in an appraisal. Sharing clear, detailed input through performance review phrases like these will strengthen your appraisals. Employees will gain a strong idea of where to focus their efforts in the coming year.

In order for your written feedback to have a long-lasting impact, you need to focus on the individual performance factors that determine the quality and quantity of your employees' work, such as accuracy, detail-mindedness, productivity, multi-tasking, and setting priorities, to name just a few. The best strategy is to include targeted phrases that energize an employee to keep up the good work in key areas, while also encouraging employees to focus more carefully on the quality ...

Employee performance reviews are fundamental for your employees' engagement. It can significantly improve performance of your business as we discussed in previous blogs. It is important that performance reviews become an ongoing conversation between a manager and a direct report to be effective. And most importantly, reviews should be honest and personalized to every employee. This post discusses 70 performance review phrases that you can use for every function in your business. We produced a short video discussing these performance review phrases:

There are common areas to address when providing feedback to your employees in order to improve their performance. Especially for an inexperienced manager (or employee conducting a self-assessment), it can be difficult to conduct a meaningful performance review. Thus providing example phrases can be a good source of inspiration. We've created a useful list to keep in mind when conducting a performance review.

But please remember; you should use this list as an inspiration and always adjust these review phrases to a specific team member. You do not want your employees feel the performance reviews are generic. Generic reviews can give an impression you did not care enough to devote time to provide them with personalized constructive feedback, which could have a negative impact on their engagement. This is a list of useful performance review example phrases to help you conduct your review. Download a pdf version of this article with a list of all phrases here.

Giving a performance review can be stressful. But providing positive feedback is beneficial and rewarding for both agent and manager. Here are ten phrases that can be used to encourage and praise call center employees:

What is customer service? Nothing without exceptional reps. That's why as a manager, it's important to take time to develop your employees' skillset so they can be the best customer representative possible. Performance assessments and appraisals are a key part of this development. Developing your employees into customer service gurus can be a snap. Just use these sample phrases for performance appraisals.

While the art of performance appraisal is universal, the way it is written down can vary depending upon the departments. In this article, we have consolidated about 450+ positive & negative phrases that could be handy. These phrases should serve you as a reference when doing the performance reviews. Word of caution though, they should only serve as a guidance. If the relevant context is not added, the review would not yield expected results. 041b061a72


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